First Build

Hi I'm new to the forums but been a fan of teksyndicate for a long time. I've had alot of experience with laptops before mostly on my friends and mine alienwares but now I'm want to attempt my first pc build. I don't know much about parts like power supplies (coming from latops it was only cpu's, gpu's, ram, and hard drives) so I'm gonna use a guide I was gonna go for the gtx 680 build and maybe the titan if my budget allows it but so far I have this I left the storage blank because I'm gonna cannibalize the two 256gb crucial m4s in my laptop.


P.s. All credits go to Loyd Case over at for having an awesome guide for a beast of a m-itx pc.

p.p.s. Would I be able to swap out the 680 for a 7970 ghz.

Thanks in advance for any help I get

You could definitly use the 7970. In some games it's faster and in other games the 680 is faster.

It just depends on which games you want to play.

Thanks for the link. I think I'll stick with the 680, alot of the games I play run better on it. I was wondering if any of the other motherboards would be good like the evga stinger or the asus p8z77-l