First Build

So this will be my first build. My budget is maxed and I can't afford anything more expensive. I want to know your opinion about this thing and perhaps even reduce this amount of $$$.  I still hope to see sugestions with AM3+ Cpu socket and any gigabyte gpu. I realy like those gpu's :)


Sincerely thanking all of you mates who will help me ;)


The gpu is way overprice.

Add more ram and aftermarket cooler when you have the money anf you are good

this is as good as it gets

The GTX 560Ti in Miskonius's build isn't a bad choice. They are good value for money now that the 6xx series are out. I use one at the moment and I haven't found anything I can't run on high textures at 1080p.

I would disagree on the quad Piledriver though - if you are going to build a new rig I would try to future proof a little more by sticking to the FX-6300.

If you must go with Gigabyte, which I can certainly understand brand choices, then what you've got is the best you can get for that budget from that brand.

Then what do you suggest? I think, I haven't found anything better for this kind of price...


Ny build is this one

not this one

Thx for help all of you ;). But I just realized, that I'll get f**kin insane taxes in my country, if I want to buy all of parts online,  so video card is way over my limit. I thought about same version card just 1 Gb memory  and manufacturer of Gigabyte, not sapphire. It's already same just 20$ cheaper, isn't it? So I think this will be the final adjustments for my new pc :) Again, thx all of you ;)

Oh and final link ;)