First build

What do you guys think of my build, any suggestions?

Here's a build I recently got from computer lounge:

-Intel Core i5 3570K Ivy Bridge 3.40GHz 6MB 95W LGA1155

-Asrock Z77 Extreme4 Intel Z77 Motherboard 

-Mushkin Blackline FrostByte 996995 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1600 

-ASUS BC-12B1ST 12X Blu-Ray Combo 

-Intel 520 Series 120GB 6GB/s 34nm SSD SATA3

-Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1TB 64MB SATA3 

-EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX660 Ti FTW Signature 2 

-Corsair Vengeance C70 Mid-Tower Case (Gunmetal Black) 

-Corsair HX1050 1050W Modular PSU 80PLUS Silver

I built that for around $1900 but given your budget I'd put a 670 and a H100i in there aswell (power supply was a special deal they don't do it anymore so just get a 700w or something) and 16gb of ram is pretty overkill but if you can afford by all means do it.


I literally just bought the p280 today, there are no stock intakes but the case is THE SHIT. Pickup a dualpack of Af120 quiet editions.

Great build btw, no bottlenecks, great parts, i don't know what's fair in nz dollars but this will last you a while.

Nothing's fair unfortunately for example in NZ this is $778 and in the US it is $469. Now given the exchange rate of 1.19 it should cost $561 + whatever it costs to ship it here. I know it doesn't cost $217 that's for sure.

If I had that amount of money, my build would be wayy different.

Im thinking of importing things from ncix, they do international shipping, and im pretty sure i can get things cheaper, either that or an Australian site,

I don't think NCIX ships to NZ but I may be wrong.

Will the H100(i) fit in the p280?

I assume so based on these pictures.

It gives me the option to add a credit card from new zealand so i think it does