First Build

Hey everyone, I would like to build a computer that can play games and also record my gameplay for reveiws and tutorials and stuff like that.

Thank you very much


budget???? what games????? obviously top settings....

actually, i have a build that should work, if your willing to put up a little cash

change monitors and periphrials as you want, but I plan on doing much the same with my rig....

* CPU --- The very latest "3rd Generation" 22nm Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3770 ( i7 2600 replacement ) 3.4Ghz/3.9Ghz turbo core x 4 Quad Core LGA 1155 8MB Cache Super Processor. 
* Motherboard ---Asus / Gigabyte New B75 Chipset, LGA1155, ~USB 3.0 & SATA3 6Gb/s Support 
* Memory --- Transcend 16GB DDR3-1600 Memory 
* Hard Drive --- West Digital / Seaagte 2000GB SATA3 Hard Drive 
* DVD Writer --- 22x Speed Optical DVD Writer 
* PC Case --- Antec One Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case Front 2 x USB3.0 with 550W Power Supply 
* Video Card --- Nvidia GeForce GTX650 1GB GDDR5 Graphic Card

Is this good?? Sorry no links

Ugh... an i7 wtih a GTX650... you're insane aren't you?

Just tell me the country you live in and your budget, I'll build you something, others will likely follow. We'll give you a handful of builds to choose from.



If what you're saying is you already have a 2600, keep it. If not, get an i5 3750k with a better graphics card, and a better/higher watt power supply could help.

Get a 660ti or 7950 Graphics card, they're not super pricey and can run anything maxed for the most part, and for gaming purposes a 3750k is more than enough.

Then for the motherboard look at Asus or Asrock Z77's.










Hey spenlard, nice spacing issue at the end. Glad its not only happening to me. Dafuq did logan do to cause this :p

I live in New Zealand and my budget is round $1000 (USD). Thank you very much guys you are a great help!!!!


Hmm, you have 1000 USD, which is about 1220 NZD... So I put together this build assuming your buying from New Zealand, if your not buying from New Zealand then you'd be able to get more than this for the same USD.

This build is rock solid, enjoy.

If you can find a place in US that will send to NZ that would be great but the down side is postage price and the postage time

And thank you very much :))

I can imagine shipping would be murderous, I recently priced what it would cost me to send a graphics card from Canada to the UK and it was over $100, thus I can't even imagine the price of a whole computer being sent from the US to New Zealand