First build was working... then stopped (monitor won't activate). Need help diagnosing the problem

I had my first build up and running, with the OS installed and everything for two or three days.  Now today I went to go do something and when I got back both of my monitors were idle.  The power button wouldn't shut the computer off so I had to shut off the PSU.  When I turned the entire thing back on the exact same thing happened.  The motherboard is getting power; the APU fan is running, however both monitors are blank and, since I can't see anything, I imagine the BIOS doesn't load (however as far as I can tell it might).  I don't think the APU (a10 5800k) is the problem, and the CPU power slot is plugged in.

All this leads me to believe there is a problem with the mobo, but it would have had to have developed while the computer was running and nothing was being moved.  Is there anything I can do to further diagnose/fix this, or should I take it to a repair shop?

What were the temps like if you got the chance to look?

Does the system boot with just one monitor connected?

If you can take build apart. Give it power, one stick of ram, keyboard and a single monitor and see if it will boot. If not then try the other stick of ram, if there is still nothing very well could be your board.

Best of luck.


Sorry for the delayed response.  I unplugged everything from the back and front panels except the monitors and got it to boot.  When it first turned on the main monitor was showing all black as red.  Windows had to update, and the red went away, and it's been working fine ever since.  Could it have been one of the connections causing the mobo to short?

No it sounds like Windows had to update a driver to work properly with the APU?