First Build Virtualization with some of everything

Do you have any recommendations for software on Fedora to install to do a stress test to see what full speed fans sound like?

Turn up the fans to 11 in the BIOS?

Or maybe prime 95

Not sure, as I don’t usually benchmark.

I have completed the build all that’s left is to get the operating system set up. I forgot if I wanted to use Fedora KDE Spin or Silverblue


virt-manager Virtual Machine Manager right?

Yes. Also, don’t use Silverblue just yet, I don’t think it’s ready for prime-time.

Do you recommend manually uninstalling KDE apps that one isn’t interested in or should I maybe learn how to uninstall all of KDE and then reinstall it I’m guessing it’s easier to just go into discover and uninstall a bunch of stuff rather than risking nuking my desktop just to clean up and not have KMines and some random other stuff installed.