First Build/Tweaking

Before I get to ordering just wanted some people to look over my build. This will be my first full build. Thanks!

Looks fine, I don't like drives over 1tb since they get a little less reliable with so many platters flying around, Also, Preferably Samsung, Intel, or Crucial for SSD's but if you can get a good price on that one then go for it. Also, I don't like MSI motherboards, stick with ASRock, Gigabyte, ASUS.

The Adata ssd is nothing to worry about, I use one as well and for the price I payed it's freaking awesome! Hey, I know everything is subjective when it comes to aestetics, but with the colorscheme of you're build you could opt for the windowed version of the R4. Dunno how that will+ fit budgetwise, but that would make your system some serious eyecandy if u ask me!