First build.... thoughts?

Now not all of this is set in stone, but if it is I'll mark it.
APU: $120 (comes with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)

Motherboard (purchased on sale): $60

RAM (purchased on sale): $70

Power Supply (recieved as a gift)

Hard Drive: $70

Case (purchased on sale): $20

     I'm currently planning to use a Logitech mk360, and my TV as peripherals, and SteamOS as the OS.  I am also considering buying a Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300, but I'm thinking I might add that on later, and get the 1TB of storage now.  I also plan to invest in an R7 265 later on, but compared to getting an Athlon X4 760K, I'd rather pay an extra $10 now to get the integrated graphics, and get it up and running.  Thanks for the input!


Looks like a solid motherboard with good ram. Depending on the games you are planning on playing the APU will be OK and with dual graphics chances, you can up your graphic processing power. However, if the games you plan on playing are CPU intensive, that will cause a bottle neck in the APU. 

The other question is whether this is strictly a gaming rig or if it will see any web surfing, media processing and/or streaming...  If you want just a gaming rig, steam os is fine,  but flexibility will come with a full OS. Since steam OS is based on Debian, any Linux distro based on Debian will have some similarities and get you familiar with package management and steam client is also Linux compatible so you won't miss much steam wise.  Linux also has a program set that lets you play windows games as well, so you should have a wide range of options. I myself am enjoying the psx emulator I found on Ubuntu. I get to play final fantasy 7 all over again.