First build, these parts seem like they are good enough?

On a budget to spend only about $1300 here, after searching and asking around I've come to a, more or less, final build with these:

 but I'm still looking for any advice I can get. Only planning on using for gaming, don't have certain games I'd use it for since I haven't bought one in years due to my comp now being horrid. All peripherals I'd move from my current computer.

The Mobo, CPU, GPU, SSD, and PSU all seem like what I'm going to go with, but want to know if the RAM, cooler, and case are up to snuff. For RAM I'd like 16GB and this seems to be a fair buy, and the white color would be great for future customizing. The cooler I got from Logan's recent $750 build guide and seems a good buy, though it might be something I could drop altogether and wait until I can afford some closed loop liquid cooling, and drop the Noctua fan as well. Finally, the case seems like it would be good, especially for the $50 price, and even if the card would extend into the drive bays I'd only have 2 max, and the color is a plus. Though I am worried about it not seemingly having dust filters but my current one doesn't get too dusty and I do have an air compressor if need be until I can get after-market filters, if they would work on this case.

Also, I am debating on if I even need the HDD for this build. I already have a 1.5TB external hard drive for pics/vids etc. and the 256GB SSD would hold the OS and steam games, and I could just get more later on and do some RAID.

So if anyone has any advice on this I'd love to hear it!

Looks pretty good


Source 210 is know to have potential problems with the Hyper 212.

Other than that looks good.

Looks good, if you want to save some money:

1. get only 8 gb ram --> 75$ saved

2. get a smaller psu  --> 30$ saved

3. Kick the hdd --> 90$ saved (you could do that if you have plenty of storage left on your external hdd, if your ssd gets full just move some games to the hdd with Steamtool or so)

4. Try to get a version of Windows for free or discounted, there are a number of ways (yes, legal ways)

I've had problems with not having enough RAM in the past, current PC will blue screen if I get too many things going, even though it would save money, I'd rather stick with the 16GB to never have to deal with anything like this again.

From what I've heard else ware, the PSU for this build needs to be around that 750 mark, peak efficiency at ~50% load and it leaves room for any over clocking.

The HDD I am still looking at dropping if I know it would be the better choice in where to save money, and the 256GB SSD would probably last until I need more I'm sure, aside from the 1.5TB external I can move stuff to.

At this point it would probably be better to just get the most recent OS off of Newegg and eat any cost differences, and not have to deal with any extra hassle that might come with doing it some other way.

Problems how? Clearance with the side panel maybe but I saw a review of the Source 210 with a build in it and though that did have clearance issues with the heat sink he had in it I believe the Hyper 212 is shorter than the one used.

I put in the word "potential", because it may or may not fit.

This person had trouble where the side panel put some pressure on the heatpipes:

So it really goes all the way down to the tolerances of the case and cooler, as well as how well you tighten down everything, and even motherboard thickness.