First build test - For next year - $1500

Well, I am hoping to be able to buy my first rig by next years Christmas, when I will hopefully have enough money to be able to afford one.

I "built" this one a few seconds ago, and I would like to see if there is anything I could improve, without increasing the price to much.

I should probably have about $1500, and hopefully the price of that build decreases enough so I have room to buy a decent mouse and keyboard.

By next year, I should be living in the UK.


Edit: I do not mind changing to AMD, if it will give me better perfomance for a similar price!

Edit2: I changed some of the specs in the build (PSU RAM MOBO and Case)

If your just gaming this is good. Black/Red themed.

Thank you for the response.

But I'm not sure if I will go with your build/rig. Whenever I do a small upgrade in the build, I might only want to change CPU and go to intel, but having to change the motherboard too. Hopefully AMD will stop with the "We want our customers to not have to change motherboard" and upgrade!

I've been having a look at the other parts though, and might integrate some of them into my build :D So thank you very much

Get atleast the 770, for $1500 you deserve better than a 760. Dropping the CPU from the 4770k to either an AND 8350 or intel 3570k will make the savings you need without cutting performance.

Also, do you mean christmas this year (2013) or christmas next year (2014), because if you mean 2014 there is absolutely no point putting anything together yet. Builds only stay current for 2-3 months before things start to change.

I mean Christmas next year (2014)

I just trying to make an idea of what I could get right now, and when the day comes, improve certain things if available.