First Build problems

Hallo guys. How are you today.

Well i'm opening this threat to ask for some help with my new pc build. First let's talk about my pc specs:


WIndows 7 ultimate 64bit (obviously)


sabertooth z87 <-factory bios drrivers

corsair platinum dominator 16gb (8x2 2133mhz c9)

western digital green 3tb (i made a mistake here i shouldn't have bought a 3td)

ocz vecter(or) 4  128gb

corsair ax860i


My first pc build problem is that i can't switch on to raid trough bios because it crashes when the windows 7 are loading.

Well the reason i want to switch on to raid on bios is because i want to cache my hhd with my ssd.


And the second Pc problem is that on the front panel of my case only one usb3 is working out of the 2.

i installed the intel usb3 drivers but still only one is working


That's all please help me because. I'm not quite good with fixing things. Mostly i break them.

Run both drives off the same raid controller, install Windows onto the mechanical HDD. Once installed cache from there via Intel software. There are plenty of SRT guides around if you can't follow the manual for setting everything up.

Be sure to keep the receipt for that ocz ssd, high failure rate.  

As for your front panel, double check all the connections and make sure all the drivers that come with your board are installed.

IMHO is best to do a bios update regardless of issues.

how can i be sure that i run both drives from the same raid controller?

Screw all that... I made some terribly wrong... I bricked my wd 3tb hd and now it's shows up as 700gm hard drive on the disk management...Now i'm running my windows from my ssd but even then if i try to disable or remove the hd from my system the windows wont boot up.

Please tell me a way to write both hd and ssd at 0 (or else wipe all data from those 2 drives to be like new agian)

brown sata ports, its there in the manual champ.

you can even just setup caching via AI suite, OS has to be installed on the mechanical drive though as i said previously.

as for you disk management - 700gb scenario.... go to computer>right click, manage>disk management>see what is showing for that hdd in there. delete volume, create new (so you can use the full 3tb)

take your time dude with it all, perhaps read up on things a little more.