First build please help

Hi guys I'm trying to put together my first build.

I would really like to be able to play all the new games on recommend setting for the next year or so, but I will mostly use it for programming and simple video and graphics editing. 


Here is what I came up with. All need all the part that are included right now, but to be honest I could do with something a bit cheaper if it's possible :-) with a small compromise over the power of my PC. 


Please help!

One small change, get two sticks of 4gb ram and have it at 1600 speed and if you can, cas latency of 9.

You could Get an 8320 instead of the 8350, get gskill x series 2x4gb ram (dual channel preforms better than single channel), And you could get a 60gb ssd and just store just the o.s. on it. 

yeah i also agree that you need to get two sticks of ram in dual channel and you should get  at least a 1600 speed ram because the speed of the ram really effect on the game performens. 

i did a few changes on your build to make it more better. i even went cheaper.

i changed the ram to 2x4 GB G-skill Ares 1866mhz. and i changed the PSU, to a XFX 550W 80+ bronze, its made by seasonic so its good quality. more then enough for a single GPU setup. the only con is that its not modular. so you could choose for a XFX 650W 80+ bronze modular if you like. then you will be end up on the same price as your base build.

grtz Angel ☺

When you're doing your build - watch a build video or two. Properly laid-out build should result in a tidy machine with at least (some) cable management.

A proper build is usually done in stages: Prep mobo and POST test it outside of the case. This should be possible if you're using AMD build. AS you can use stock cooler to POST test, and then switch to the Hyper212 when you're ready to finish the motherboard and install it into the case.

Youtube some build guides: look for anything by the big guys (Logan, Linus(linustechtips), or other Logan from OC3D) with good viewership. I know Linus has a good cable management guide either on the NCIX channel or on the Techtips channel.

Here's a video pulled from TekSyndicate channel.

Watch - think about your build as you go - and have fun!

Awesome guys! Thanks a lot for your help!