First Build: Need powerful, yet small to fit as a carry-on

Hello, new guy here.

I'm building my first pc and I need some of your guy's input on this. The reason I need a sff pc is because I will be leaving the US to go off to Europe and I would love to take my rig as a carry-on. I've been researching the parts for a while now and I was able to narrow them down to these:

(The following parts are the same, only differences between them are the cases and PSUs.) 

Silverstone sg05-

CM Elite 130 mITX-

EVGA Hadron-

 My biggest questions are:

Which is the most carry-on friendly?

Which one has the best cooling?

What is the best CPU cooler for these builds? ( I believe AIO cooling solutions are out of the picture because liquids and carry-ons don't get along, sadly.)

Please feel free to give any other opinions. Remember this is my first build and so i have no previous experience whatsoever so i'll be more than happy to take them into consideration if they improve or bring down the price of my build.

Which is the most carry-on friendly? - Prob the hadron. also try

Which one has the best cooling? mostlikely the cooler master

What is the best CPU cooler for these builds? anyone of these:,3639.html

i would go for the zalman or noctua personally. 

also look at somehow securing the gpu in a case. honestly the hadron is probably the best if you can afford to not have tons of storage. also look for a gpu with a metal backplate, that would greatly help your mb deal with the stress of the moving arround.

Thanks for input, actually the more I think about it the more I lean towards the Hadron, its just such a good looking case. 

As far as cooling goes, the noctua is the most appealing with its warranty and I've read good things about them too.

I'm thinking that I can just remove the GPU and carry it separately so it doesn't flex and get damaged.


I'd grab an old briefcase that's pretty thick and hopefully metallic. Now all you need is, a drill, ruler and t-square, and you can mod that old metal suitcase into the PERFECT travel computer.

Make some custom aluminum mounting brackets and you can mount your monitor to the top of the shell while keeping your components in the bottom. Just flip it open and you have a nice open air bench for your rig that's easy to carry for the on-the-go enthusiast.

... Fuck this started as sarcasm but now I really want this.

What about 17" barebone ? It's very carry-on friendly and it can pack quite a punch. :)

Why the sarcasm man? Haha. Trust me if I could go with an ATX case I would, sad thing is that I can't, so my only option is a small powerful rig because i feel that gaming laptops are a waste of money...

Qain talked about doing this in one of the videos where he was sitting in Grand Central Station. I think it'd be badass.