First build. Need a nice short GPU (<10')

I'm building my first rig in a silverstone ft03 mini and have 10' to play with. Since it only has one intake from the bottom and the motherboard is attatched with the I/O facing the top, a rear exhaust card would help keep the airflow going the same way but I don't know if that's super important. I don't want to spend a lot more than $150 (Less would be nice though) dollars since I don't think I'll be gaming too much, just for fun every now and then. My CPU is an i5-3570K and didn't want to bottle neck too badly but I'm just super new to this. I am going to be using the intregrated graphics of my CPU until i get more money for the GPU but I really wanted to get an idea of to get before hand. (I like looking up prices and wanted to know what would be best to look out for deals.) Thanks for your time and hopfully you can help me a little. Also Please give me advice on how to format this, I am new and don't want to be annoying.

I believe most aftermarket 660 Ti's are under 10"


Yes, any 660 variant would be good. Great performance and its short.

I know I said I wanted it cheap but I really ended up liking the EVGA 660 TI. It's 9.5' and rear blowing. Its freaking perfect, just a little more money. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I was drowing in the endless list of GPUs and needed help narrowing it down. Now to start saving money. :)

PS The Super clocked version cost the same as the stock version. Should I go with the Super clocked? 

Yeah when they do stock overclocks on videocards they cherrypick the best chips for them. This means that you can even overclock it more to, so yeah get the superclocked version :D

For a $150 budget I would reccommend the Radeon 6870. If you want more power go with the 7850 or 660 ti. The 660 ti is more expenisive than the 7850 but yeilds better preformance.  6870<7850<660 ti basically..

Get the 650 ti, it's far under 10 inches and priced at $150.

Speaking of the 660 ti EVGA gave my friend that card after he RMA'd his 550 ti lol.

Opps I eman the 650 ti.