First build, looking for a little advice

I've put together a build which, I guess, is a sort of preliminary build. As the title says, it's a first build and I've done a lot of research but I don't have enough confidence to go through without consultation from people who actually know what they're talking about.

There it is, the only thing I won't budge on is the GPU and the case, but the rest can be replaced. I can put maybe £200-£350 more in for a superior hardware and definitely more for cooling. Noise won't matter too much I just want it sufficiently cooled.
[Additional info anwsers from the sticky] I'm living in Ireland but the delivery isn't a problem, it will be mostly for gaming with a little bit of rendering on the side. I could overclock if I was confidant in the cooling, but I do not want water cooling. Also I will be adding a sound card, a second monitor and in the future possibly another 780 ti so I'm wondering if all those can be supported in the build.
Other than that thanks in advance.

Mostly for gaming - dont need the grunt of a 2011 setup. A 4770k or 8350 and a good motherboard would be cheaper - be just as good in gaming whilst also be able to render on the side.

If you were using it as a purposeful workstation then yes, 2011 all the way. & making use of the quad channel memory bandwidth. Not just in dual (as in the build list).

4770K + high end motherboard + rest of build list

or 8350 + high end motherboard + rest of build list

my 2c anyways.

Well I have the money not to have to downgrade, and I don't want to be stubborn so given that I don't have to downgrade, should I anyway?

And also, is there much of a difference between aftermarket fans? Or will any Corsair ect. fans do?

An i7 is really useless for gaming, put the extra money into a better gpu, get an FX eight core instead, they're as good in gaming and almost as good in rendering...

I don't think there is a better gpu at the moment, forgetting the Titan which isn't something I'd consider for the price difference.