First Build: Is it Good?

This is my first PC Build. Budget $350-$400:

If there is anyway to lower the price or get more bang for my buck. This is my first build so I know there are place I could go wrong,


I know you want to go cheaper but the best bang for your buck would be to actually spend just a bit more. The Amd a10 apu without a graphics card does very well with higher clocked ram. So up the apuand up the ram speeds aNd that will gave you the best bang for you buck.

What do you want to use your PC for? 

My PC is going to be used for gaming. This is my console killer. I've looked into the A10 and its a tempting buy. I would like that but I need to reduce costs elsewhere. 

Ok I worked the A10 into the build. Had to change some other parts around. How about this? 

Edit: This is a build I just worked out that incorporates 16GB RAM for $20 more. 

Probably the best for you money would be this:

I don't think I like the RAM or the Case. RAM is too low and Case doesn't include USB 3.0


This build is slightly over your budget but not very much more expensive than your latest build.

You can tweak a few things if you want to reduce cost but saving up a little extra money will give you a big performance boost.

Went with the 6800k because it's like 12 bucks more; it's usually 30+ dollars more expensive. It's worth that. Went with 8g of Kingston Predator ram at 2133. Should give you a significant boost in performance on the APU. The motherboard is more expensive but it's FM2+ so you can upgrade to the new APUs next year; I think those will really be nice. Fractal Core 1000 is a good case so can stick with that. Chose the xfx 550w PSU because it is made by Seasonic and will perform much better. 550w gives you the ability to add dedicated graphics card sometime down the road.

Beware of the ram price. You probably won't get the ram at that price for a long time.

What about this instead?