First Build, is everything right?

Hey Guys!

So, I've posted around here a few times now getting everything sorted with my first ever build and it's been super helpful! Now, because I'm not very confident in myself with this, I wanted to run this by some people who know what they're doing before ordering. 

The core hardware I've chosen is:





CPU Cooler:

Power Supply:


Like I said, I have no idea what I'm doing and I've changed a lot from the first time I posted for help so I wanted to make sure everything I've picked is compatible and will give me good performance. Also, is the power supply enough to power everything? 


Thanks in advance! 




Get a 7950, its a way better card for your money, and only get 8gb of ram if you're just going to be gaming

And the power supply is more than enough, but I would lower the wattage unless you plan on putting a second gpu in there or something

wel lthere are a few thing i would personaly change.

First: Psu: 850W is a way overkill for that system. the psu is a great one but you wont need that power 650W is more then enough.

Second: Ram: Those crusial balisticks ram´s are high profile, you could run into issues wenn installing a bigger aftermarket cpu cooler. i would recommend 2x4GB 1866MHZ Gskil snipers, or  if you prefer 2x8 of the same. but 16GB for just gaming is also overkill.

Third: GPU: is there a reason why you need that 4GB version of the card? because it cost alot more, and it won´t be a big performance gain, instead of the 2GB version unless you gonne work with multi monitor at 1440P next to that a Msi Radeon 7950 twinfrozer is a better performing card. especialy wenn you overclock the card. but a Msi GTX760 TF is also not a bad card, especialy if you  play games that are more nvidia optimized.

Ok, thanks for the help! And the 7950s all seem to cost quite a bit less the the card I've picked out, will I be getting the same performance from one? 

Yes it out beats the 760 in most cases

Also, I'm getting dual monitors and I've been told to use DVI. I've seen cables that split into two DVI male with just one on the other end, is that what I need to get? 

Ok, I'll bump that PSU down to that then, thanks! Also, the reason behind getting the 16GB of RAM is because I often use Photoshop and Illustrator and it seems to be quite RAM intensive. I also tend to run a few other programs while gaming, and I guess I'm just paranoid. Please forgive my lack of understanding, but are you saying that the card I have now is better if I plan on dual monitors? Because I am going to be using dual screens.  

well then 16GB of ram can be handy indeed.

About the GPU's a  Radeon 7950 msi twinfrozer with 3GB of Vram will be a better performing card. if you overclock the card i can compete with a 7970GHZ edition, or a GTX770.

THe GTX760 4GB won´t give you much performance gain, only at 1440p dual monitor, the 2 GB extra vram can come handy, instead of the 2 GB GTX760. but still the Radeon 7950 is a cheaper and better performer allround card with 3GB of vram.

the Radeon only cost $254

noez thats a splitter, at best for cloning. u want to use 2 seperate dvi cables for that :)