First build help

I have come up with a list of components for my build. I am on a budget so I know no of the parts are the best but I think they will do for my first build. However I do not know whether these parts will be compatible, for example, will the phenom be compatible with the socket on the motherboard ? :P

Thank you 

hey there


The CPU is supported on that mobo as far as I can see here.

All the rest fits together, looks solid for the price.

Also if you have an old harddrive, I would swap the HDD for an SSD and use tho old HDD for data untill there is budget for a larger HDD down the road. Would grab the new Samsung 240 EVO 120 GB, they are not in stock yet, but the prices are listed very competative where i live.

Feel free to ask more :)

Not a bad build, (sorry not related to the question) but I think that you should add an SSD to this build, that is if you have the dosh. You could just buy a cheap one with the price of SSD's so low atm, and you would get a major boost in performance and boot times.


I just realised the comment above me talked about SSD's as well, I should have read the comment above first before I added my comment, *derp*. Anyway looks like we both agree that you need an SSD, lol, you should consider it :)

Thanks for the help. I might have a spare HDD in an old computer laying around. If I do I will surely look into getting an SSD :)

haha thanks for the help anyway. I will look into getting an SSD :)