First Build Help

Ok, so basically i have been puting together what i would like to save up for and this is it

i would love some feedback on what i should change and if something is overkill.

P.S. (I have selected a large wattage PSU because i plan on overclocking but im not sure if it is "too" Large)

Go with an Asus MB if u wanna go hi with ur OC.

Also u can get kingston ram at 1866 or 2133 mhz really cheap.The price will go up for like a few bucks.

I'd say you could save some money by switching the CPU cooler with hyper 212 evo from Cooler Master. All of the other parts look good, good luck on the new system!

Unless you plan on doing SLI, that PSU is overkill.

Don't cheap out on the motherboard. Extreme3 doesn't support front panel usb 3.0, wich is something you may want. It doesn't overclock that far either. The memry is nothing you have to be concerned about, the chance of it's speed doesn't increase your overall performance even slightly. Just get some ram rated for 1866. Other than that, the PSU is fine, the case is a good choice, the graphics card is nothing to be argued about. Can't go wrong!


Edit: Oh wait, alsmost forgot, a 120GB SSD is necessary for a good system. There is no use for a fast cpu/gpu if stuff takes long to start, it just doesn't feel right.

Get a CM 212 Hyper CPU cooler. You can also get an OCZ ZT series for 550, 650, or 750 watt though. I have the 750 watt and i love it, but make sure you order one of the newer versions of it. The older one's have big problem with the noise of it and is also not going back to idle

Sorry for the CPU option, Didn't notice it had to be watercooling

the psu is overkill unless you ever plan to sli 2 GTX760´s otherwise a 650W will be more then enough, on the other hand for the price of that corsair 750W enthausiat psu you can´t arguing.

but i would personaly not recommend that Asrock extreme 3 mobo. in combination with the FX8350 cpu, it has only a 4+1 powerphase and the vrm´s are to weak. same counts for the  970 extreme 4 and the 990fx extreme 3.they will die!.Thease mobo´s are just not made for this cpu. cheap out on a mobo is realy a bad idea.

i would recommend a Asus croshair formula V, Asus sabertooth 990FX R2.0 or the Asrock Extreme 9 if you can afford. thease boards are realy great for overclocking.

if those boards are above you budget, then take a look at the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 this board is also good for some standard overclocking. ofc not so extreme as the Asus croshair or the sabertooth, but still you can reach a 4.8 ghz without any pain.

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That is a huge generalization.

ok, i just looked through all of the new comments and am going to change it up abit, ill post  a link to the updated build once i have decided on the changes

it didnt have to be water cooling but i just thought that since i was OC'ing i would want some great cooling

Ok, so i just updated it and this is what i've got.

the only thing is, i cant decide on what ram, i found these 2 nice sets but i am unsure what one to go with



Go with mushkin ofc.In my opinion psu isnt an owerkill,in fact it's nice to have the option of some extra power going oround.some day u may switch ur gpu or some thing like that or ewen go SLI,who knows.That psu will last long.

just if u can get an 8gp pack,or just try kingston beast or x-series 1866

ok, so i think i might have acually got a final copy of what i want, now just to save up for it all



and it will be outdated in 6 months xD

i might have to save up for a i7 and a 780 then

(◞‸◟;)   . . . i would like a future proof pc

Ew..."future proof".  What you have will last you for years, especially if you decide to SLI later.

That new amd build looks great, i would say go for the mushkins 2x8 GB or G-skill sniper 2x8GB 1866mhz instead of 4x4, because the cpu has a dual channel memory controler, so that means it can speak to 2 memory modules at the same time, so you would get more efficiency with 2x8GB sticks.

i would also stay with AMD because FX8350 is realy  great . its close to the i7, the i7 is faster,but the diffrences are not that big, notice that the i7 cost 2x the price of the amd, and its not that much faster. The intel i7-4770k is ofc a great cpu, but the amd is more bang for buck, i have a FX8350 and im realy happy with it.

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