First Build Help

I've been researching stuff for my first build for a while and this is what it seems to have come down to. Can you guys tell me if my builds are okay or if you guys recommend anything.

the one with the fx, it's too unblanced. get the 6300, and get a mid tower and a cheaper mobo, such as the extreme-series. and maybe even go for an i5-3570k and a normal 7870.

the ghz edition is just pre-oc'd.....

I know the Ghz is just pre Oc'ed and thats fine with me, it's not anymore expensive then the others. And I ask how it's unbalanced? 

If I were you I would go for the NZXT Temptest 210. It is great, but it not the lambo of all cases. It is great for saving money though.


I just finished a second build and used the FX6300 CPU. Even Logan recommends it as a great all around CPU. You will have lots of room for expansion with both the case and power supply. I like it.

Thank You! So go with the FX6300 over the FX4300? Check. What about the motherboard, I think that's the main thing I am worried about, it has mixed reviews and I'm just wondering whatcha guys think?