First build help needed

This will be my first PC build. I'm Looking for it to be reasonably cheap but upgradable (I don't plan to overclock on this build).

If anyone can recommend any changes. I am aware that it will heat up quickly.

watch the video build a $650 gaming pc


Something like that would give you much better performance, whilst you're fairly limited in terms of upgrades (you can jump to an 8 core) by the time you'll need to upgrade Intels LGA1150 socket would have been replaced and AM3+ is pretty much already dead.

In your case I would go with AMD like harrynowl said. It is an overall more "bang for your buck" than the Intel path at that price bracket. 

this build would cost 640$ but if you can squeese the budget to 670$, you could get the coolermaster hyper 212 evo CPU cooler, to get more silence and cooler rig.

the build:

For the CPU, i chose the AMD athlon II x4 760K. It gives you a lot of performance for the money. Basically it is an A10-6800K with the integrated GPU disabled. This will be good for gaming, in the low end budgets.

For the motherboard, i picked a ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M Micro ATX. It is a good motherboard with good power delivery, good features and great reviews.

For the GPU, i chose the ASUS Radeon R9 270. For the price, this GPU is a beast. It will give you power to run games at 1080p with good graphics and FPS around 30 to even 60+. A modern game like BF4, will run at 1080p and high graphics around 40-50 FPS solid. All around, this GPU will give you amazing performance for the money.

For the ram, i picked nice 1600 MHz 2x4 GB dimms, for optimal dual channel memory, to give you better performance than with only 1dimm

I went with the same HDD and wifi card, since they are good already

For the case, i chose a Xion XON-560 MicroATX Mini Tower Case. It has great rewievs, good build quality, good airflow and fine cable management. A nice thing you could do with this case, is to add a 200mm fan to the side, and get great cooling for your mobo area.

430W will be more than enough for this system at stock, since you are not overclocking. It is a great psu from corsair, 80+ bonze, and has a good warranty.

overall, this build would be better for gaming than yours, but it is up to you what you want.

I hope i helped and have fun time building and enjoying your new system :)

That mobo, cannot handle the amd 8 cores at all, and will propably have problems with the FX 6300 alrdy. Yes, the product page says it will support 125W TDP AMD cpus, but 4+1 phase power delivery is a horrible choise for even the FX 6300...

thanks guys

here is my contribution, it leaves him with room to upgrade.

the EVGA PSU unit is made by the same OEM as the Corsair unit, but costs $10 less 

why go with i5 when after that you need to skimp the gpu down a lot, and in modern games, most of the power comes from the gpu