First build help and advice

Hey I'm going to be building a PC very soon and just want to know any advice about building or the choice of parts. Here are the parts I'm getting a psu from my friend its 800 watts and 80+ gold, I plan on sli in the future 





It looks similar to my build and has worked well so far. I can say from personal experience that the extreme 3 mobo is not good. Several of my usb ports have stopped working and I have had issues with connecting to the Internet. I do not have any suggestions because I have not tried anything else. Also, with the whole cryptocurrency mining craze, make sure you will not be upset with an nvidia purchase. I know if I had an nvidia card when I learned about crypto, I would be furious. r9 280x? 

I don't see anything wrong with the build, if you want a different mobo after phillip's recommendation i can always recommend ASUS. Long life capacitors and core components make this a real solid board for $10 more. How about this I prefer the color scheme. I'm going for a black and red color scheme. 


Thanks for the help

I'm only in high school, so i'm not that worried about mining, in college I might get an ASIC to use while I'm in class. and right now were I live a 280x cost and extra 50 dollars and i'm already over budget. Also how much would I make like per-month with a 280x mining litecoin or bitcoin?


Thanks for the Help