First Build Gaming PC Help?


I was wondering if any more tech savvy people out there could help out with finding any compatibility issues between parts, benchmarks (or approximate values for), capabilities etc.

I am new to building a PC and as a result could use some guidance as to how appropriate the parts are :)

I already have windows 8 and a mouse but the rest will be bought through Amazon. I have geared the PC so that it will readily accept another GTX 760 in SLI as I believe that a single 760 may struggle with future battlefield titles (I'm an Fps Gamer :P) I am also interested in overclocking however for the moment will get comfortable with the pc before pushing it any further. If I do go for some overclocking I will probably buy a H100i or other closed loop watercooler.


What do you guys think? I play mainly FPS type games and will do some light vid editing :) I also live in the UK

Thanks for your help! I appreciate all the help I can get from more experienced People out there :)

Spot om can't see anything wrong really other than i prefer full ATX but that's personal preferences 

I'm already building on some of the same stuff you posted here .... and for overclocking, I'd really rather take a devils canyon CPU like:


A 4690k ... or much rather a 4790k (more threads will become more important really soon - especially for big map- fps-games)

Then, I'd go with a Z97 Motherboard (I'd prefer Asus for easy one-click oc) .... has more features and seems to be a little bit cheaper 

A Noctua cooling solution - is way more silent and keeps things way cooler.


Everything else seems to be pretty much ok. But in my opinion you should make sure to get a Chip with a good working IHS (Devils Canyon) and enough threads, A good motherboard (like the asus Z97 chipset solutions) and a decent cooler that can operate in silent mode and still keep things cool (the 212 evo is way too loud in my opinion with the stock fan).


Aside From that, I have to say, that I personally made way better experiences with intel SSDs than with any other SSD-solution on the market ... don't know why, but they seem to work simply way faster .... so maybe you consider that as well.