First build; Future prof; Gaming

Late june, (my birth day) I'm going to buy a new pc. I have to start from scrach since I'm using a laptop and the desktop I have is old as hell and even the case is crap (the psu is burned, the gpu is worse than... intel hd4000?). So I've been searcing and this awas what I think is the way to go. (Future prof, don't forget!)

Case: Corsair 300r

PSU: Antec EarthWatts Green Series EA-650 650W

GPU: Asus GTX660 ( I like nvidia more, I don't want the 7870); I'll get another gpu 3 years latter or sell this one and get probably the 880. (Two years.. maybe even the 980 xD

RAM: Kingston Technology KHX16C10B1B/8 HyperX Series 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM Memory Module

HDD: Caviar blue 500gb (I won't use more than that)

Cheapest DVD-RW

CPU: fx6300; as same time as gpu upgrade, i'll get a 8 core

MOBO: M5A99FX PRO R2.0; I hope this mobo will wold a 8 core in 3 years, because if it won't, i rather get the asrock 970 extreme4

Total of about 600£


Pls give me your opinion. Thanks =}

Looks alright, It would make it easier for us to help you if you created the build on pcpartspicker.

grab two 4gig sticks instead of 1 8gig, make use of dual channel.

Future's sort of a lie because hardware is forever changing and our assumptions and rumors are simply what they are.

From what we know at this time, your build looks ok and will last you a long time. The only time you'd want to upgrade is when your hardware can't handle what you are trying to do. That's the point of an upgrade, people seem to be forgetting that. Rather than simply buying the latest and greatest.

And that time when you need to upgrade for something, is unknown.

I rather get a single stick so i can get another one, and (future prof here) be able to get 32gb latter. If it's worthless, I rather get the 2 modules. But if there isn't a sigficant speed diference, i really don't care.

That mobo is more for the 8 core. If it is a worthless mobo for the future, I rather get the other one i said. But i think in 3 years, is a decent time to upgrade, as it will be probably really out date. I don't want to have the latest, but decent hardware in my price range.

Do you honestly think you'll use up all the ram? The hardware WILL last you for a long time for your price range, I have no doubt. Hell, people are still rollin 1366, core 2's, and the 965 is still recommended and it's been a few years since its release.

Well, but time goes fast and i may want to edit video :s if the difference is big I rather get only one stik. ppl have said that it doesn't hurt :|

btw you ca buy Club 3D CGAX-7876XT for just 171 pounds...


One stick will run slower then dual channel, and since you have a dual channel mobo just run the 2 sticks, and if you need to upgrade, get 2 more sticks, 

but it wont be that slower, and, what's that card? 7876? Never heard of it...

Oh yes it will be 7870xt is fast as ~default 7950 (with out boost)/660ti

then 7876 ftw! =}

Its 7870xt or 7870 LE, dont know what was AMD's problem in naming it 7890 or 7930

but its ugly as asdiughbadi

No room for comments like that when you are on a budget

you can find Sapphire 7870 xt, has 2 fans nad looks better but it costs a bit more also

#fff; font-size: 18px;">Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT 2GB

chepeast shall be :P thx man =}