First build final touches and suggestions

CPU:AMD A10-5800K

HDD:Seagate barracuda 1tb
RAM:Corsair vengeance RAM (8x1)
Internal optical drive:HP internal optical drive 
GPU:Nvidia GTX 660 ti (or) radeon HD 7970
i need extreme help on this I've asked many ppl but can't choose b/w them I plan on playing the next gen games and do some VFX and editing on adobe ae and maya
Mother board : I really have no clue what to take any suggestions would be great and I think of keeping mother board kinda cheaper one and I don't plan on overclocking
Case: anything inexpensive I get 
this is my first build I have never made a computer so suggestions will be real good and if you kinda spot any fails or major fails please tell me :p and I don't know which PSU would be enough so I'd like to listen it from you people :D 

Drop the AMD APU if your just going to use a powerfull dedcated graphics card

Ditch the APU and go with an AM3+ based system. You can get better performance out of a Phenom II X4 965BE with a Gigabyte 970A UD3 board... Case I would suggest is the NZXT Source 220, since it looks nice and happens to support lots of cooling options. Definitely Radeon HD 7970 if you are looking in that price range anyway, it is a huge bang for your buck if nothing you plan on doing requires CUDA, if it does, then you will be stuck with Nvidia. In which case, let me make the defense that the 660Ti is an excellent graphics card with enough power to handle just about any game with maxed settings and medium filters.

And what PSU? Like 550w or 750w?

And what PSU should I take*

Would this be a good motherboard? 

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard