First build, feedback needed

Hey guys, just looking for some help and feedback on this build, it's going to be used for 1080p gaming.

Is the 8320 good for the R9 280X? I've heard it can have some problems, I just wanna know if it'll bottleneck the GPU.

Also is the Hyper 212X a good cooler? I'm not going to overclock the 8320 but I did some research on the stock cooler and it seems it's extremely loud and doesn't cool the CPU efficiently.

I want to keep this PC for 4 years is there anything I should change?

Looks good man. I'd say you'll be just fine with the 8320, Passmark has an awesome benchmark database which I suggest to people all the time. They have lists of nearly all processors in existence so you can compare any of them apples to apples. As you can see, the 8320 scores very well for it's price, and even rivals my 3770k which scores just over 10k points with my overclock.

The define R5 and any FD case in general is awesome. I've got a node 304 and love it, it's so incredibly roomy for such a small case.

The only thing I would change however probably would be the Hyper 212. The Define R5 has a nice and wide opening at the top which could accommodate something along the lines of a Hydro Series liquid cooler. That what I've got myself and they're awesome, it's one of those things, just like SSDs that you'll go to then never want to go back. The fans that come with it aren't always that great but you can pair it up with some Noctua fans, and you'll never be able to hear it.

i would jump to a 290 or 290x if you can. the rest of your rig will be up to snuff 3-4 years from now for gaming, but new games are always more demanding on the GPU, especially max settings. 

I don't really want to mess with liquid cooling as I'll probably fuck it up and I don't really wanna spend more than $50 on a cooler, I really appreciate the feedback.

Get the cheapest 8GB of RAM you can buy.

Use an i5, not an 8320.

Use a better PSU, I reccomend the SeaSonic 660W Platinum.

You also might want to upgrade your monitor if it is a 1080p LCD. Consider a used CRT with at least a 107KHz scanrate, 121KHz preferred.

An i5 will have much better performance in single-threaded tasks. Even with the 8320 aggressively overclocked, the i5 will yield a higher FPS in most games, as confirmed by benchmarks. However, Intel chips are more expensive, and the mobos usually are as well, so it's up to you.


As far as the RAM, I agree with x996015, just get the cheapest DDR3 1600 kit you can find. Even the off-brand RAM (Patriot, Adata, etc...) is reliable these days. As far as the PSU, read reviews and find one that will be reliable and won't fry your parts. 

You literally can't mess up a closed loop pre-configured cooler, you get it all as one piece, then put it in just like any other cooler.

Lol, "Scratch everything, rebuild for lower price-to-performance Intel parts. 'Upgrade' to a 45 lb CRT that'll take 50% of your desk space."

I don't want to spend more than $1200 as PC parts in Australia are really inflated compared to the US, so an i5 is like $250+ here and everything is just so expensive. I just want to know if the 8320 would be good for the R9 280X.