First Build, Do I Need Anything Else

Title says it all.

Get a crappy case and a 50 psu and 50 dollar ram and get a 6300 with a 7870XT. You will like that build much better.

I agree excepto for the crappy case, but that is personal preference. I would stay with the same CPU, a cheaper RAM that is 1600MHz, and get a 7870 or a GTX 660. The thing is I don't know the prices in the US, but here in Spain the GTX 660 is a litthe cheaper.

Look for a 7870 xt or tahite le. Performs like a '7930' and can crossfire with 7950 if you wanna upgrade later.

For same price but though amazon get AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor

Should of said, live in Australia and i don't think amazon ships hardware here.

Also i want a good PSU and its hard to find a case online for under 50 bucks. I suppose i could save a bit more for the 6 core and 7870XT.

just get an older generation cooler master HAF case like the 912. those things are pretty cheap and functional, albeit a bit ugly.

Ugliness holds inner beauty...

Anyway, how would a gtx660 ti compare against 7870?

Is it worth the extra $60?

or do i get the 7870 ghz or powercolor (what worries me most) 7870 tahiti?