First build compatibility verification

Well like many of us, I'm building a PC and before buying the final component for my build I'd like to know if all my part are compatible with each other

so here's my part list (when the build would be completely finished):

I already have the case, the H100 and the mouse and some old HDD I'll buy the 1TB HDD later

I will only be buying one 660ti for now but if i see the need I would buy another one around end January

I know that the maximus V formula is an EATX but i saw someone doing a build with the same case and motherboard.

If I can get fast response about the PSU i'd be happy since i found a promo which get me the XFX for almost only 40$ (free game that i would have purchased otherwise ) ( )

I don't really know anything about SSD performance but, is the samsung SSD a good deal if it come with a 25$ ncix card and ACIII

Hope I gave enough info and that my personal component research weren't that bad

thanks in advance for your responces :) 


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The PSU is great, XFX PSUs are usually just reboxed SeaSonics( one of the best brands).

That SSD is way overpriced IMO. Usually I can find 256GBs in that price range. Samsungs are reliable, but if you want something faster, get something like Adata or Kingston( the HyperX 3K one).

I'd swap that 660 Ti for a 7950. Reasons: competes and sometimes beats the 670, when overclocked you can go past the 670 even more, has 3GBs of ram( great for high resolutions), and only gets beat at NVidia based games.

For a few couple bucks more, you could afford a 16GB kit. 8GB is enough for gaming and everyday use, but for editing/ rendering, more is better.

Everything looks compatible. Looks like the mobo can fit the case. I can help you more if you state what you intend to do with this build, and your maximum budget.

get the asus essence and the asrock fatality mobo, more featuer at a lower price. the only good thing on the maximus is the sound card, but your getting one anyways, so there's no point to that.

DO NOT gwet the 660ti. get a radeon 7970 by sapphire.... sli is a gimmick for a new build 7970 get 10-20 fps more than the 680 in most games