First build attempt

This is my first build attempt at a gaming rig, wouldnt mind a little advice or insight on my parts chosen. First build budget is at least 1200 Any help is welcome and appreciated.

For $1200 you can do so much better, if I were you I would do something like this. If you have any questions and or concerns feel free to ask.

The Build:

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Please dont spend 1200 on that rig. You can do A LOT better.
- cheaper build $980 - a few stepdowns
- 8core amd -
- intel i5 -

There is one clear improvement. Ditch the disk drive. You could probably pick one up from your local tech shop for about $20. That's another $20 to spend in other places. Maybe a bigger psu?

i have changed my build and upped the budget a before any help is welcomed and appreciated

What games and software do you plan on putting on your PC?

You have a lot of of hard drive space which is fine if you can fill 2 TB otherwise it is a lot. You can probably get away with a 250 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD, saving about 150$. If you start out with that and find you want more space later you can always upgrade.

The CPU cooler is probably over kill. Unless you really plan on overclocking the heck out of your CPU, the Cooler Master 212 Evo has a lot of good reviews and is only 35$. If you want to put the H100i in because COOL LIQUID COOLING! Go to town, have fun. Just know a 35$ CPU cooler can work well too.

8 GB is a little on the light side. It is enough for gaming for now but as time goes on programs are going to want more and more. 16 GB would cover you for a while and not add that much to your cost. It would also come in handy if you want to play with a new OS in a virtual machine or something like that.

Before you build anything I suggest listing what you want to do with the computer/what programs you will be using and adding up how much space you will need for programs, movies, music, etc.

I have tweaked the build some more and would like to know what you think.

Thats a lot better, you will be able to play all games at high - ultra @ 1080p with that.

That will perform well. My only comment is a 650-750W 80+ gold rate power supply is probably sufficient and the efficiency difference is pretty much negligible. something like Cooler Master VSM 650W 80+ Gold would work and shave a little bit off the price.

i left some stuff out but this comes out to around 1000$

please do this instead of your build

i5 4th kills that FX 4xxx
gtx 970 fits over your 960

everything else is pretty close, i put random case and decent power supply but you can mess with that stuff