First Build around $1000

If there is anything that I can do to increase performance without going over $1150 then let me know or if I can lower the price but still get around the same performance. I am gonna be doing some over clocking also.

All black and red

Apparently the 650w version of the PSU is cheaper.

Also, cheaper RAM.

I tried to fit in a SSD, but couldn't without changing the case or other parts.

I think your build is actually good, but I put this together with some of my preferred parts.

Here is a build with a GTX 780 and an ssd for $1180

Just take out the SSD and it will be in budget, 

Here is a GTX 770 4gb build with a 250gb SSD for a game drive and a 128GB ssd as a windows boot drive.

The GTX 770 4gb is for a little future proofing for high texture games, like modded skyrim can use more than 3gb of vram.


All the parts in these builds are good quality, even if they arent the higher premium. This board and cooler will get your processor to 4.4gh without problems (provided you dont have horrible luck with your chip) and the powersupply has enough power and is very reliable.


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If you do a lot of high res stuff or plan to do high res gaming, the 4GB of VRAM will help.  If not, the 2GB version of that card will work just as well.

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