First Build and Topic!

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NZXT Source 210 ELITE Midtower Case White

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB

Corsair CX Series 600 Watt

WD Blue 1 TB Desktop Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, 7200 RPM

AMD FX-8350

Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB 2x4GB

Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3

Yes gentlemen, I am here, now I must inform you that I will have the help of friends, but there's still some questions that some of you experts can answers

1.My mobo only supports up to 1333MHz ram but my ram is 1600MHz, is this hardware locked or can I bypass this

2.Does the "touch the case" trick work if you dont have anti-static wrist-strap, what about touching your PSU

3.How early is too early to upgrade my motherboard if im worried about no.1

4.Generally on my first build (my friend helping me is experienced, built 1 pc, upgraded it about 5 times) how long might it take

Thats aboat it for now, thanks in advance

1. You should be able to overclock to 1600MHz, but I will need to know exactly what motherboard you have to be sure. Either way if your motherboard doesn't support it your ram will downclock itself to 1333MHz so you will at least be able to boot your computer up and do most things just fine. It'll just be a tad slower.

2. Yes they both work. My advice would be to mount your PSU inside your case and plug your PSU into the wall (while making sure the switch on the PSU is in the off position). Then as long as you touch any part of your case or psu you should discharge any static electricity in your body. 

3. I wouldn't upgrade your motherboard *just* to get faster RAM, but if your motherboard really only supports 1333 it may be missing a ton of other features that you also find yourself longing for. As far as what is too early, that is entirely dependent on the individual, but I would definitely say it is too early if upgrading will force you to live off of cup of noodles for the next few weeks. Basically if you can afford it, it is your money and get whatever will make you happy. 

4. Depending on how much cable management you want to do, I'd say roughly an our. It's not too complicated and with your friend there an hour is a pretty generous amount of time and that case should be somewhat accommodating to build inside of.

Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX Motherboard GA-78LMT-USB3

is the motherboard, and thanks for responding


You may be able to get your ram to run at 1600MHz, I can't say for sure. This isn't exactly a high end board though so I really wouldn't expect too much in the way of overclocking. I believe with AMD chips anything over 1333MHz is technically an overclock and your motherboard may already have its hands full with your 8350. 

I would HIGHLY suggest getting a better  motherboard. For the CPU you are getting you really want a high end 970 board if not a 990FX board. The 8350 is very power hungry. You will also benefit in other ways with a better board under your parts. But yeah better board for a start.

The rest of you parts look fine. Your first PC will probably take an hour or two to put together and then you have installing and stuff to do. 

I was going to suggest the same thing, but it was my impression that he already had the motherboard.

Which would make sense but even at that I would be inclined to only suggest using the 760g to tide him over till a proper strength motherboard. I just would not feel right.


Yes the mobo is crappy, it has 1 case fan header, so I had to really do a lot of cable management so that it wouldn't be loud as a train. But yes it's now built!

yeah buy a better mobo asap ☺


Weak 4+1 power phase design won't handle anywhere near an 8350.