First build almost done

Hello everyone, I'm on leave for a bit and wanted to buy a new PC since I have a little extra cash on hand. I saw this build floating around and I really liked it, I know the G3258 is a very good CPU for the price point and having a GPU like the R9 280 will keep the performance good on most to all games. Here's the build, I want to keep the price under $600 if possible since I also need to buy the OS. I do plan on overclocking the G3258 since most benchmarks show it has a lot of improvement. What do you guys think about this build? Any tweaks to be made or should I get to ordering/building?

Looks like a pretty good build, however I would aim for at least an i3 series chip if you're going for the R9 280. Out of personal experience, I just built a similar gamer for a friend, except using an AMD Athon II X4 620, which is a very comparable chip except on the AMD side. Even after overclocking the hell out of it, it still ended up being a pretty heavy bottleneck on the R9 280, and will be the first thing that she's decided to upgrade because of this.

You can see a full list of processors and their scores here. While it might be a little pricier, I would aim for something along the lines of the i3-3240, which is edging up on 5000 points. This makes it incompatible with your motherboard, but comparable motherboards are surely available. Hopefully this help as it's very disappointing to be unable to get the full potential out a card.

What speeds did you overclock the X4 620 to?  An overclocked G3258 can perform quite well in games, as most games will prefer strong single cores.

I had the 620 up to 3.0 GHz, anything more would have been too much for the cooling.

Hmm, I didn't think the Pentium chip would bottleneck the 280, I like the G3 because of it's good per core performance, I've seen multiple benchmarks from various sites that show it to even match or do better than CPU's like the AMD 8350. May just go with a 270 since this CPU with a 270 can pretty much run most new games at max settings.

AMD's FX-8350 single-core performance isn't great when compared to Intel.  That's a fact.

You have to overclock the G3258 to get great gaming performance from the benchmarks you see around the internet, and therefore a proper Z97 overclocking board is necessary.  That basically kills the low price appeal of the G3258.

Actually, I thought so too. But, it seems to be working quite well on these boards.

Check out these two reviews:,3888.html

I think 4.7 Ghz stable is pretty decent. But only with propper cooling. Not with the stock cooler.

Well, I'm fearful that Intel will patch this.