First Build, advise please :)

Budget: $1500 max

Country: Australia ($AU)

Preferred Retailer: MSY or Pccasegear

Peripherals: for now disregard but i'm looking at razer's deathstalker

Future computer: mostly gaming :) i'd like it to last like 8+ years with possible upgrades

Overclock/Watercooling: not looking to overclock or use a custom watercooling

OS: don't need one as of yet



Prefer high and/or consistent FPS on high graphics. I'll give my pc leaveway for crysis and etc.

I'm likely to play on a 21 inch screen, so I guess approx 1920 x 1680

Games will generally include BF4, crysis, most of the fun latest games. I most commonly play LoL atm but well, that's mostly because of my limitations of my current laptop.

Other preferred requirements:

I am picky about noise. I'd really like a fast gaming rig that is really quiet.



PSU: Aerocool Imperator 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply

This is a draft. I'm worried about compatibility, speed, quietness at the moment. Please advise :) I'm open to suggestions from all.  Thanks 


To be honest this looks capable of everything you want, the only suggestion I could give is an SSD.

From what I've heard the WD greens are rubbish, I'd suggest picking up at least a blue or a Seagate barracuda. Also I would suggest an i5 for gaming, perhaps consider a 4670k on a z87 motherboard.

Pretty solid build.  I would get a different HDD though, as 5400rpm will be pretty slow.

I don't plan on overclocking so I don't see the real need for a K-type core or Z-type motherboard. I also may want to add another graphics card. I heard that an i5 can't support 2 graphic cards.

EDIT: I'll take a look at your HDD suggestions. I heard that seagate had issues before though: related to data loss.

Been considering it. Any suggestions? I'll most likely use it for the OS system but that's all I can think of using my SSD for.

Ah right, thanks. Forgot about the RPM :) Any suggestions?

Any Seagate Barracuda or WD Blue/Black would work perfectly.

take a look at the samsung 840 pro 128GB. The SSD is where you will want to install whatever programs and games you use/play most as well. I know it seems pricey for the space you get, but it is more than worth it. 

An SSD will make your whole system more responsive. Your fps won't really increase, but loading gets much faster and this is a big deal in games like Skyrim. 

Also, with an HDD my computers would always get slower over time as it filled up, but this doesn't happen so much with an SSD as long as TRIM is enabled. 

An i5 can support however many graphics cards your motherboard can. The motherboard in you list supports 2. Also, I just want to say 8 years is a VERY long time if you don't upgrade your motherboard and CPU.

Ok thanks for suggestions everyone :) In terms of quietness is it ok? xd Or will it be like a HP groaner?

For a quiet case I'd take the fractal design r4