First Build advice

I have a budget around $850 for the entire system. I have been watching a lot of the YouTube   videos and reading quite a few of the forum post( like a stalker). I just want to game with system. 


I'd go with a full ATX motherboard, just because you'll be able to expand alot more. Just a thought.

Also you can find windows for a couple of bucks cheaper in some parts of ebay, it's not 100% legit, but it works!

Everything else looks pretty damn nice! Good Job!


Thanks. I didn't think about getting a full board, but I will probably go with one

Derp, forgot that this was a complete system :3

Yea my bad. Should have put in the description. I'm from NC. We don't use things like complete thoughts or grammar.

Looks alright.  If you could get a better card such as the R9 270, your performance would improve greately.

If you're near a microcenter, here's a cheap IPS monitor:

I have the same mouse:) it's great.

Thanks Some Tech Noob, unfortunately the closest Microcenter is 3+ hours away(I live in BFE). I went with the GeForce 750ti but, got lucky when they said it was on back order and ended up going with the R9 270x. Thanks again

As long as you didn't pay too much more than 200 bucks for a R9 270X, you should be fine.

Well, I'll still recommend the dell monitor.  It's 140 bucks and cheaper than the one you've picked.

I paid 190+ tax. I found the parts on the picker site, and its nice to have in a list form instead of post 10 links or so. I tend to find good deals myself or so I think. Thanks again