First build (£750)

This will be my first build and my budget is limited to £750. I have spent some time researching all the components that would go into my build and I came up with these two builds:


One is based on intel cpu and the other is based on amd. I will be using this PC mainly for gaming and media (I am planning to do computer science at university next year so this may change). If I was to get the intel cpu I would not overclock it therefore I went with the non k version however with the fx 8320 I would probably OC it to at least 4 Ghz. I would like to play on ultra settings in at least 1080p.

I am looking for a honest opinions on these builds and whether or not the intel or amd cpu will suit me better.

What kind of games are you playing? Games that don't take advantage of multiple cores; the intel option is better and if you play games that are well optimized; the amd option is better.

I play games such as battlefield 3, counter strike source and the witcher 2. I would like this system to last 3-5 years which is the reason why I'm looking at the 8 core cpu's since most of the new games will start to use more cores.