First Budget PC build ($350-$400)

Here's what I'm thinking:


Couldnt find case on there so here it is:


So its around 350. Any tips, comments, complaints? THIS WILL BE MY FIRST BUILD. Looking to crossfire the graphics card with the integrated ones for better performance. Would like to keep it around this price (willing to go to 400) because I still have to buy a monitor, and keyboard. (I have a mouse for my laptop allready.)

Let me know!

im looking at building a similar system for a friend. instead of that power supply i would grab a corsair 430 or 500 watt. ive never had a problem with them. also, maybe forget that graphics card, and just get 1 4gb stick of that ram, use integrated graphics. then with the money you save, plus a few extra bucks. then get yourself a 7770, or something like that.

So drop the radeon graphics card and pick up a different one? And only 4gb of ram?

you should be looking at this. for a $400 build. you get an a10 with a 6670 and a cass that includes a psu.

I would go with this and then later save up for a 6670

I would go with this and then later save up for a 6670

Given the mixed performance of Dual Graphics, I'd forget about the 6670 entirely, save up for a decent cooler (Hyper 212), and OC the snot out of the GPU cores. 1GHz + should be doable on air with the A10.

a bit over 400 euros.

Well if you want to save money with an A8 3870k, you can try something like this:

Cheapest motherboard I could find from a brand I trust. Reason for the cheap motherboard is because if you ever want to upgrade your CPU, youre going to have to upgrade the motherboard anyways. You dont get USB 3 or Sata 3 however.

I have an A8 3870k, and I'm happy with it. But if you're willing to spend ~$50 dollars more, you can get an A10 5800k with a motherboard that has USB 3 and Sata 3. Like this: 

It's much more future proof because you'll be able to upgrade to the next APU that AMD comes out with. 

AND for ~$50-$70 dollars more (depending on rebates) you can add a 6670 for Xfire to either of those two builds. Like this one:

Although Xfire has issues with drivers and micro stuttering. 

However, If you want to overclock you're going to need a better motherboard. It's not worth spending extra money on the A8 3870k build for an overclockable motherboard. For the A10 though, I would get something like this:

You'll need a bigger case for that mobo. The one you listed from Tigerdirect should work.

And for an aftermarket cooler this one has a lot of good reviews:


Here's an Intel alternative:

For gaming the 7770 is better than any APU+6670. The Intel CPU is actually good too because of the L3 cache and most games run fine with 2 cores only. That might change soon though, but you can upgrade to an i5 when that happens. Although it's not as good as an APU outside of gaming, until you upgrade to an i5, than it's better (but costly).

that build but then with a quad core phenom.

its still a beast procesor.

Yeah, Phenom II is way better than a Pentium dual core or APU, but it's hard to fit one in a build that's less than $400 dollars. He needs to buy a monitor too and maybe an OS.

Exactly, still have to buy those as well. 

its 13 euros more then his cpu ?

Phenom II X4 and 7770. The case is also pretty nice too.

Wow those are some pretty sweet deals from NCIX. The hard drive wasnt calculated into the final price on PC Partpicker. It's a bit over $400 considering the hard drive but that's pretty good. Most of those deals end at the start of January though, bringing the price up to ~$450.  

Much like others here, I'm also going to recommend a trinity A10 build, with a twist.

It is slightly over the $400 mark, but it's worth it to get the better cpu and memory.

mini-ITX system in a case smaller than an xbox 360. Included power supply is more than enough for the system and would support the addition of a 6670 later on.


I guess I just have a thing for these Apevia cases just because of how compact they are.

Here's a normal sized alternative;