First android phone

any advice? im getting a htc one 

any advice?

Don't buy HTC.

I personally think that Nexus 4 beats almost everything.

I think that the Moto X is fine. From everything I have read, the X is a great phone for first- timers. 

I can highly recommend you the oppo find 5, it compares well to the one but is cheaper. Also its very well built

I can perfectly recommend the Oppo Find 5. Incredibly sturdy.

Moto X, S4, Note 3, HTC one and the upcoming nexus 5 are all excellent choices. 

The HTC One is a brilliant piece of hardware, but like other manufacturer skins, it is a complete failure in the software department.  I'd say if you are going for an HTC One, either get a carrier version/developer edition and install a Google Edition/AOSP/CM ROM on it, it's just so much better.  Or you can grab an HTC One Google Edition.

im personally picking up an xperia z1 in the next few weeks

htc one is pretty nice.