First AMD Gaming Pc build

The Parts 

                     **************Edited as of Dec. 8th 2012****************

CPU:AMD FX-6300 Vishera

CPU Cooler: NZXT Havik 140 

Motherboard:  Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX or ASUS Crosshair V Formula-z

Graphics Card:  XFX Radeon HD 7950

RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB 

Hard Drive : Western Digital WD Blue 1TB 

Solid State Drive: Kingston Hyper X 3k 120

Power Supply:  Evga 650w Gold



If i were you i would down grade your CPU from an eight core to a hexa core (FX6300 maybe). simply because while gaming MOST games out there do not utilize all eight cores. I would save a little on the cpu there and spend a little bit more on getting a better GPU. simply because gaming is mostly GPU, i'd recommend the 7850 for $50 more (depending on the deals you can find)

PSU might be a little bit overkill unless you plan to upgrade later to crossfire GPUs i'd go 750 -> 650/600

Other than that i think overall it's a nice build if you wanna stay AMD

Thanks for the advice :)

you could probly cut down to 8gb of ram to save some more money to give to the gpu, i dont know very many programs that use over 8gb

Yeah, if you went with the hexacore, dropped to 8GB of ram, and got a lower wattage PSU (you can get away with 550 watts and be fine), then you could put a lot more money into the GPU.

Also, this cooler is cheaper and will perform better:

and maybe go with a WD blue instead of a black.... close performance for $40 less

I would stick with what you got, if your budget allows get a 7850 or 70 -they are very nice cards. If not, then downgrade to a Hexacore and/or 8GB RAM. I'd reccomend to stick with a 750W PSU, then you got enough power if you want to add more HDDs or RAM. It's also better to get a more powerful PSU than you need because then it is under less stress and will last longer.


Have fun!

Thanks to your suggestions I will make some edits :)

oh, and the corsair liquid coolers really are not that good, go with a noctua nh-d14 or thermalright silver arrow. about the same price, or cheaper than the h60, and better performance, if your case has good ventialtion. besides, you won't have to worry about the pump failing or being loud...

Ok thanks man

I see you haven't changed the CPU yet.

Firstly, post your budget.

Listen to the others. If you're gonna be gaming for this build, "downgrade" to a Piledriver hexa-core or quad core. You will actually see some improvement(fps) over the octa-core, as game don't know how to utilize it. Then get a 970NB mobo instead. They support Piledriver and are cheaper. Again, if you're just gaming, the SSD is a waste. All you will get are faster boot and loading times. With the money you save get the Radeon 7870. Then if you don't plan to overclock, drop the cooler. If you do, get a Noctua NH-D14( or that other one Gigabuster is suggesting, wonder what's taking him) if you can afford it, or if it's just a moderate bump, get the Cooler Master 212+/Evo.

If you don't want to "downgrade( not really much)" or you're thinking you wan't those CPU and SSD speeds, think about what you are using this for. IMHO, faster boot-ups and loading screens are less desirable than more FPS.

or thermaight silver arrow. and amd stock cooler sucks.... my build, hope you can get some ideas off it

and you will NEVER EVER notice the diff between 60 and 100 fps... anything higher than 60 is probably not even supported by the monitor, and you will not even see any difference

Sweet scorpion platform. I'm too the point to where I won't use anything but AMD, regardless of what people say. I just don't like Intel's prices and I also don't like the fact that they are going to a BGA chips.

But I agree you can downgrade to a FX-6xxx and get a better GPU. You will love it.