First 11 gen. Intel “desktop” with ASRock NUC 1100

In the mean time Intel releases it’s own NUC 11 PC, ASRocks come first to the game with the 10nm intel tiger lake cpu that so many expected.
Just keep in mind that this are mobile processors not a a full fledge desktop one, that have been said, are still in the wafer battle of yields.

Wi-Fi 6, 2,5GB LAN and Intel Xe graphics are the main news, with 4 4K display outputs becoming possible at 60Hz.
The CPU’s offered are:

  • Intel Core i3-1115G4
  • Intel Core i5-1135G7
  • Intel Core i7-1165G7

Prices are yet to be announced.

I’m waiting for Intel NUC 11 but it’s good news more companies trying push new things in this segment.


Gigabyte has also released theirs recently. Let’s see how they actually perform irl.

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Yap, the goodside for Gigabyte is a stronger 135W PSU and 4 full hdmi 2.0a ports. The downside is a less reporpuseble wireless card (AX201 instead of the more broadly used AX200)

What about price? As the owner of an older “Gaming” NUC these usually come bare bones and cost a ton.


it auto-plays a weird ass song

couldn’t read it

is it littlebig or just standard lame ass boring x86 stuff?

Prices are yet to be announced.
They usually are sold barebone yes.

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This are Willow Cove processor cores. The news for the cpu are PCIe 4, usb4, Xe graphics ( in i5/i7 models) then the rest is a performance bump from going with new process ( SuperFin/ 10nm+)

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