FIRING UP the Devil 13 Dual Core R9 390 DX 12 AXR9 390 II 16GBD5

Hi ! I have just got a few PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core Radeon R9 390 DirectX 12 AXR9 390 II 16GBD5 16GB (8GB x 2) to replace other AMD/ATI setups among them 2 with 7990 non reference.
Most of my experience is with preceding AMD models, most in double gpu boards.
Does anyone have any experience with these, and recommendations.
Also I wonder if these are among the last of the double gpu non-reference boards we are going to see ?????
Opinions and recommendations are welcome; not in choice selection, the choice is made.
Specs, opinions, experiences, best monitor with, a future 4k monster, 2 of the cards totaling 4 gpu s,
the mining possibilities..............

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1) get water loop if you have 2 of those or more running in same box. (temps on air are bad especially if you have 1 slot space between)

2) 395x / 295x are good for bitcoin mining but i think its a lost cause... if you want to use that power use it to compute nice things... look up boinc.

3) This is not the last of non-ref dual gpu setups... Since polaris was released so soon, fury might not get non-ref but polaris 10 and vega might get non-ref dual gpu setups.

4) wait with 4k monitors... at this moment there are no 4k 144Hz monitors... At this moment best you can get is 1440p 144Hz (get 2-4 monitors on dp ports)

again you are limited by your temps.

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Not at all; I am an old tech; at the time I had other techs tink I was nuts for putting fans all over.......electronics does not like heat ! PERIOD.
My main use is Scenery tourism; I like beautiful graphics, and some games are extraordinary. I am trying to get a pulse, since there does not seem to be many of these out there. Although, as all ATI, the graphics are rich and full. I am using a few Korean 4K s 40 s the AMH, first generation (1 x 399 and 2 x 409 v 1.0). I think it is one of the best combinations I had yet!
I read the sweet spot is trifire, one of my favorites by far. It seems that the drivers like 3 gpu s, do not know why, but definitely great performance. Presently my main is still with a non ref 7990 with a vortex 7970; it kicks ass, and as all ATI has a few games it does not like.............but that is the way the world turns. (lol)

edit 1 = tried 4, than 3, than 2 and back to 1, since I have used 40 s , a bank of monitors is less and less appealing ! :-(
edit 2 = I run open hood, air !
edit = may I inquire as to what you are using ? (CyklonDX)

Currently i'm running single FuryX
(and its much better than running on air... noise? nope..., temps? nope -- its is surreal, sound of silence)

Monitors? = I keep myself with 2x 27" 1440p 144Hz IPS

previously i was running 4x 290x, then because of heat, and noise i moved to 3x290x then to 2x290x. (on air)
before that 2x 7970 on air
and before that 2x 6990 on water (i had one on air, and i burned whole slot off -- rma the shit out of it)

Old electronician = water and DC dont mix !!!!!! (LOL) CPU is on water cool, the rest is all on air, I have a bunch of big cases from antec, long, not high ! and both exhaust fans at the rear and the front of case. Also cpu radiator is outside the case. I am quite surprised to meet a nut case like me:
800 +800CF, 1900+1900, 2900+2900, 3870X2, 4870x2 and 4890x2CF, 5970x2, 6990x2, 7990x2, 7990 + 7970Vortex (THE BEST TO DATE), now R9390X XFX, 390 Powercolor PCS+, devil 13 390x2 with 16GBDDR5.
a bit more touchy, the R9 390 II went in ok, but when I added the XFX 390X, BSOD upon BSOD.
Please note that in each install of double GPU a strict power analysis was done to provide a regular, steady, equal supply to all 4 or 3 connectors (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

edit 1 = forgot, Asus rampage IV extreme with i7 3960X (at 4.2) 16 gigs Ripjaws (latest) 1350 psu 6 rails

I'm hoping, now that the Radeon Pro Duo is paper launched, that Asus makes a dual-Fiji ROG Ares IV.

The Ares III is still the dual GPU board of my dreams.

Glory to the brave! I had similar issues while using RIVE+4960x and r9 295x2 plus 290x with 1500 watt psu. 295x2 worked fine on its own but after adding 290x hell got loose. I thought i had heat issues but in the end I changed the setup to sli and problems disappeared and other problems showed up. Also worth to note that 3960x doesnt support pcie 3.0 officially. ( i have no clue if it could cause issues ).Actually i had quite a few issues with this board and / or my cpu. It seemed solid,could run benchmarks for hours, memtests for 36 hours etc. But when using something like ram disk or ram caching for ssds it would throw bluescreen on certified ram/ with certified xmp speeds. Disabling power saving features and c states helped me a lot with stability.Silly question, did you connect molex to bottom connector on mobo (next to tpm header)?


edit 1 = all pcie 3.0 passed ok (40 lanes seems to be the requirements)
edit 2 = cannot find on pic in manual either; visually, cannot see....
edit 3 = i always had some sort of problem with all 4 of them; but when they work !!!!!!!!!!
edit 4 = tried anything else before going to sli (on NVidia ?)
edit 5 = I do have a system running 7990 and 7970 = works fine and all pcie 3 tests are positive for all 3 (full speed)

ups , i made a mistage, i thought of rampage black ;/ sorry

second edit, its called ez plug

2nd pic.

i mean its ok to run it on air if you don't work them intensively ... watching movies, editing photos is ok... but once you are hitting 100% all the time... well things heat up fairly quickly (including your room)
( used to do 100% 24/7 360 days a year )

then again cpu bottleneck... to feed work fast enough to your gpu's ... sometimes you need to oc that ass quite high... or your system will limp... but with multi-gpu setups the fight is always against temperature and noise...

Ran 750W gold 80+ psu's in past, but recently running on plat ranked psu from 850W enermax. (a good psu can easily take 4 290x's and feed well enough past its specs (- i've found my 850W doing 1100W on socket on full system load) though i'm not pushing is like that anymore... temps are beyond my wallet and cooling capabilities.
Funny by default i try to get my cpu's at 4.2GHz and keep them there.
*( i did psu hacks before, by using 2 psu's - and inserting other's psu's pins into main mobo molex pins) was long time ago... but its nice trick.
Something like that but more redneck ;)

Some people experience problems with multi-gpu setups due to exhausting their address space... (who said its 64bit everywhere right intel?) Its limitation inherit on some cpu's and motherboards (mobo's do cheat a lot, and do a lot of hacks -- usually they make more issues than solve -- especially in expensive mobo's that's mainly why LGA2011 is much better choice though it still takes a lot to research -- overall less bullshit on mobo the better it is.)

You have just mentioned a fact I have been suspecting for a long time ! The memory re partition and usage, and clean-up after, is quite deficient ! (IMO) or nor efficient enough.
To the fact, why do certain combinations work beautifully while others do not. I have been crossfiring for the last 10 years (or dammed close), and always found a sweet spot with incredible graphics.
Double PSU, when scoped, you will realize it is not very safe, the PSU would have to be perfectly identical so that all the crap (ripple.....) would not be a deterrent!
I have not given my last word, far from it; but like with tobacco (no my case ) I will need precision help from the tech community (to me Teksyndicate).
I have to figure if the 3 gpu, considering the 390 II are not X, must be 390 s or can I have a 3dr being a 390X.
edit 1 = yes I do heat with these occasionally.....
My father was tech director for 3 radio and 1 TV and heat are commonalities!

Your GPU's can vary in CF. X and non X makes no difference.
(in sli they cannot, sometimes they even have to be from the same company - but sometimes adjusting/syncing clocks work swell)

in fact post your gpu-z ss from your dual 390 you may be able to unlock them if they are 390 (non-x) chips. (though i think they are full hawaii)

about psu's, highly depends what you are running -- if they are cheap bronze or silver then yea... but most proper gold and plat won't have such issues.

as soon as I switch I will provide with one, from 7990/7970 and the R9 390 II ! :-)
I also have a 390 PCS+, a non X. Do i understand you in the fact that the extras can be activated or unlocked on a 390 to result in a 390X ?

yes some models can be unlocked.

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noted ~! suggestions ?

"The other different title that isn't as long but still long, aka. USING THE PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core Radeon R9 390 DirectX 12 AXR9 390 II 16GBD5 16GB (8GB x 2) continuum."

those things are beast.

here, sorry for delay, got to get it working !


HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! started tests F..k and WOW . THIS IS 4K GAMING !!!!!!!!!!!THE GRAPHICS FLOW AT 4K, NEVER SEEN BIOSHOCK , running around in the game. this is absolutely ...................cannot find the words. TRIFIRE R9 390 II 16GB AND R9 390X XFX ; THIS IS .................ERGFWER 0] QXDHDFJRTM 45WYM YS; HERE WE GO MY FUSES ARE POPPING........
CyklonDX YOU GOT TO TRY THIS, 295X II trifire was not so hot; but this !+
edit 1 = and they can be unlocked ?? what would be the gain ? (at this point)

edit 2 = after a lot of analysis of the PSU, the rails or no rails. I opted for a 1 rail 105 amps 1300 watts egva f2; and it seems to to the job nicely; however I am keeping a very close watch on the rigs first steps. (so far so extra good)
edit 3 = a lot of fussing around to get the system stable and kicking; it is not an easy card to install.
edit 4 = YOU MUST KEEP IN MIND TO FEED EXACTLY THE SAME POWER TO ALL 4 CONNECTORS, NO SHARING (on a multi rail); on a single rail, try not to burn the wires.


that on ss on left, it may be possible to unlock it.

also you may easily overclock your memory to 1500MHz (if your temps are bad you should not oc your core - but it may be safe to do oc to 1100MHz)

check this thread out

unlocking it your gpu enabled more shaders and TMU's. Just like you have on your picture on right.

i was running quad-fire 290x before, yes its nice.