Got an email today from the folks over at Panic. Normally they've been a staple in the OS X premium software market, but they're expanded, and have a fun game coming out.
Looks like is Mac, PC, and Linux
Looks like it's going to be quality.

That's... That's beautiful!

Welp I am looking forward to this now, thanks for telling me.

Will it be on GoG though? (I said this same exact statement on reddit and got downvoted to shit.)

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I would be these guys will do almost anything under the sun... They've always been really forward thinking. I surprises me they have PS4 support but not XBOX. There must be something they're considering.

I would seriously drop them a line, they've always been really hand on when I contact them.

Maybe I should. I mean the worst they could tell me is that this is a thing that the devs have to think about after release. It's the same kind of thing I got from the devs of The Long Dark who said that they'd just think about it after the finished product is done.

I got the same email, and the exact line is:

It'll be available for Mac, PC and PlayStation 4.

Do you think that "PC" part is related for both Windows and Linux?

I saw a linux icon somewhere...
They're releasing via steam.
Maybe not...

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That would be amazing, I really hope so.

The game looks really sweet. The colour palette is very well chosen. It would also be amazing if they release it on Linux.

Edit: Checked the |official developer website|. Linux version Confirmed and all the platforms will release at the same time :D