Firewall tips

So Im looking into build a VERY strong enterprise level firewall from my home.. I want it to encrypt my traffic if possible.. I want it to be practically in penetrable.. Im willing to put together a piece of crap PC with cheap parts to do it and have it run software.. I need directions how tos and Ideas...

Cost should be minimal...

Help is much appreciated



Take your pick: List of Firewall/Router Distro's

The general favourites are m0n0wall, ClearOS and PfSense. All vary, just a case of finding the one right for you.

You can't enforce encryption everywhere (as there as still some servers that don't use HTTPS), but like Chrome, I believe there is a way to force https whenever it is available through pfsense.

pfSense is probably the best, but can be f**ker to set up, they do college courses on this one! Easier options are ipCop and ipFire. Both are good and ipCop has minimal requirements. I run it at home on a modified Relisys thin terminal. Why, because it was free, completely silent and consumes only 9 watts of power when idle.

More options Link:

By encrypt I mean through means of an ssh tunnel the encrypts and scrambles the traffic no matter where I go.. I understand that it would be vulnerable to the other server side but I just dont want my ISP to spy on me.. and I do not want to pay for a VPN service

Also, Sophos

I think pfsense was actually one of the easier router distro to set up...I've tried DD-WRT, ClearOS briefly, and Untangle briefly, and I've come to the conclusion pfsense can't be beat.