Firefox recovering browsing sessions, WTF?!

Never in my life did i think i would need to start a thread about something like this. And i sure as hell wouldn’t if it didn’t turn into a problem… but, it did. Shockingly. It did.

SOMEHOW - and i have no idea why… out of the blue, Firefox decides it should be common practice to save my browsing sessions/tabs. Whenever i open a new tab or launch Firefox to browse again, it shows me what i had previously open. Nothing in options seems to change this.

“Show windows and sessions from last time” is in the options. But i have it set to Show Home Page. It refuses to go away. And the weird thing is… i use CCleaner.

No Firefox update that i know of, either. Only one Shortly AFTER this problem started. I can’t even open up a new tab with my Home page without it showing me what i was just looking at. Damn, it’s irritating.

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Never remember browsing history ? It has become a pain when it defaults settings when updating to new versions.

options/privacy/never remember history

Sounds like a bug, go into your privacy settings and wipe web cache and cookies, see if that helps.

If that doesn’t fix it. You’ll have to look around about:config (try searching for sessionstore or restore), see if some of the settings won’t fix it.

Otherwise you’ll have to backup your bookmarks and whatever else and do a fresh reinstall.

Isn’t this an old thing? I pretty sure that most browser have implemented this aeons ago.

Hey, what browser version and what add-ons do you browse with

Since I had a similar issue, I might be able to help you. Ok, my firefox actually crashed frequently and therefore the restore-page was kind of justified. But it always crashed after closing, so I wouldn’t even have noticed, if it wasn’t for the crash-reporter and restore-page.

The solution, for me, was to create a new profile. You can try, if it helps in your case by going to the profile under
and just move it to the desktop. If it works fine then, you know where to look. But honestly, I would simply use the new profile.

My Firefox do that on Android, but never on Windows.