Firefox profiles

Until now I have used Google Chrome (Chromium under Linux) with profiles to keep things separate and for privacy. I have private, work and sometimes consulting/project profiles. I’m trying to do the same thing with Firefox but it feels less optimized.

Has anyone tried this and what’s your opinion? I’d like to get away from changing profiles through the about:profiles page and see different icons in the dock or taskbar (MacOS/Windows) as these impact usability.

You could just use the containers feature in Firefox.


Cool, there’s no chance I can get it to use different add-ons on different containers? Say I want noscript in some containers but some without?

You can add the arguments --no-remote -P $profile_name to start a new instance with the specified profile. Just copy your shortcuts and change the arguments on each. Might have to make shortcuts to scripts with something like /<…>/ --no-remote -P $profile on Mac. Both should let you change the shortcut icons in the properties menu.

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im using those but im having a concern ( it might just be a feature) where by cookies are ‘seen’ ( stored ) in the manage cookies section. So all the sites i visit are in there, even though each site is in a container tab. Is this just showing me all the cookies or are they visible to all the other containers ? i.e is it a bug.

Furthermore, i am finding cookies are being dropped in the manage cookies area where by i have explicitly said not to do so for every site.

lets say i have blocked in ‘exceptions’ it is still dropping a cookie in the cookie manager window. Same for all other container tabs. Removing the containered website the exception is honoured… tested a few times with same result.

So for me container tabs feels like a hacky work around so your not using separate browsers, mozilla confirm it is so people don’t use multiple browsers. Also autodelete cookies addon is having a hard time removing cookies from container tabs even with the option ticked to do so ( there is a closed bug report on github for something simular) days later a desktop notification can popup about a deleted cookie in a container tab and yet in the cookie store shows nothing…

I stopped using container tabs today, just checked and even though i have 3rd party cookies blocked there were Dozens of them all from using container tabs :confused:

finally nothing to do with the conversation much but this…

There are two of the same options ? There is a block trackers only ( which feels like it’s the same thing ) and this disables 3rd party cookie option at the top. It almost feels like Opera where the settings are intentionally ‘slightly’ misleading.

Tin foil on: Mozilla corp wants to appeal to advertisers or is harvesting unless you get the right setting which may be confusing to new users. I find some of the other default settings to be less privacy orientated than earlier versions.

Tin foil off.

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One unfortunate thing about containers is that they don’t sync between computers. The extension is installed with firefox sync but not the settings as discussed for a while on github.