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Firefox or Chrome?


Firefox. I was a Chrome user from like the day it came out until Firefox Quantum came out. I had tried several browsers, but none of them seemed to just work like Chrome. Now I prefer Firefox, and I don’t feel as dirty any more.

The only complaint I have about Firefox now is they didn’t keep their temporary logo.



I personally switched to Firefox after using years of chrome, the Quantum update was so good. And part of that is i rather support opensource software and it’s good to have competition on browsers too.





I just found this. Mabye thatś the reason why this was never gonna work out… xD


Mostly have used FireFox. For me it come down to I’ve been using it for almost 2 decades now and I can expect it to be where I need it when I need it.

Why I ended up using FireFox in the first place.

Back in ye olden days of never ending distro hops I needed one thing to be working as I expected it to and chromium didn’t exist yet. When it did come out a lot of distributions just didn’t have it. That and I like being able to just open and start modifying about:config “usually in moronic ways” to work the way I want it to. Some of the things I change are practical/logical and the rest is usually me just being bored and wanting to get 300-1,200 more points in a browser benchmark to amuse myself when I don’t have anything better to do.


wanting to get 300-1,200 more points in a browser benchmark to amuse myself when I don’t have anything better to do.

rings doorbell

Do you have a close, personal relationship with a tiling window manager yet? Do you have time to talk about the Good News?


Xmonad, to much of a pain to get i3 to do what I want. Things like being written in Haskell…


I abandoned firefox at v4 (due to performance and no process per tab isolation) and got back on board with Quantum. As you posted, performance now seems to be good enough again.

For cross-platform browsing, Firefox is currently my browser of choice. Because i do not trust Google to provide my browser and there’s a lack of other cross platform options.


Firefox + noscript + privacy badger + https everywhere at a minimum. You probably also want to use an extension to delete / manage cookies.

If you do use Chromium / Chrome do not use the login functionality to sync settings / bookmarks if you don’t trust google. They will have a copy of your passwords & can probably decrypt them. I remember reading that if you use this functionality once Chrome sends your settings all the time even if you subsequently disable it.

Further considerations.