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Firefox ESR 78: CONSTANT livestream resetting on YouTube

This is especially bad on ultra low latency YouTube streams using 1 second chunks. Every 15-20mins it fully resets the stream as if a cache has run out, but all the cache related settings in Firefox for media related stuff is at it’s defaults. If it matters, it’s in Private Browsing.

There’s no way to not use FFmpeg and just use software decoding because FFmpeg is mandatory for ultra low latency streams encoded in H264.

Waterfox Classic doesn’t run into these issues. Both do occasionally reset when a 12 hour DVR limit on the stream is reached on 24 hour streams, but Firefox ESR 78 CONSTANTLY resets the stream on ultra low latency streams.

Anything encoded in VP9 is not affected. Any ultra low latency stream using H264 has this problem all the time.

I genuinely wonder what’s actually causing this, since Waterfox Classic is fine, but Newpipe will error out on these same ultra low latency livestreams and cannot recover, unlike Firefox which instantly recovers, but shows black frames and synchronization goes off.