Finishing Touches To My First PC Build

I am planning my first build for about 6 months but things recently became unavialable and I wanted to check that this build still accomplishes these things:


-Play any game at pretty decent graphics/fps

- Come under £730

- Leaves upgrade options open without having to completely tear the whole PC apart so no PSU/Mobo upgrades until they break it is too much hassle

- Use reliable parts 3 years plus

- Be the best value for money (meaning best price per fps for my budget)

- Able to use a monitor at 1080p that looks awesome and has two HDMI inputs (PC + XB1) with a second monitor upgrade option down the line

If you can see any changes that you would make that fit my criteria above or if you see any criteria as stupid and suggest a change outside the requirements please tell me why my requirements are wrong. 


Thank you in advance




First off i think you need to get your priorities straight as atm you have £170 of your budget on a monitor. You can get decent monitors for less. Also do you need the tp link or can you just use a wireless card. I will whip up a config in a minute. this is what ive got £10 pound over and no keyboard or tp link but you could downgrade the monitor (same one you put in). Also its intel because its meant to be a better chip than amd for gaming whereas amd is better for multi tasking.

I would argue that it's probably better to go with the new overclockable Pentium and a Z97 board if he wants to use Intel.

Also the R9 270 is a better card than the GTX 660, and is cheaper than the model you seleted. It can be overclocked to exactly match a 270x, and here are benchmarks comparing the two:

Completely agree though I may get a 270x, is that worth the upgrade in price for the increased performance?, no point in a gtx 600 as there are no nvidea shield/g sync benefits and mantle can be really powerful

Do you mean like this :) my input for you