Finishing the "Beastie"

Hello everyone,

My first post here. I've been watching the tek (actually I've gone back a watched every episode) and have learned tons! 

I must first say that this (my first) build has been both fantastic and a pain in the ass. The computer's name is "Beastie," and it sure will be... as soon as I sort out the last few problems. I've been met with BSoD a few times, file errors and other stuff. I've settled the system down though and everything seems to be running okay now. BUT the memory is what I need to fix next.


Asus Maximus v extreme

Ivy-bridge 3770k

Cosair vengeance 1866 32gb ddr3

Msi gtx 660 ti

Intel 520 series SSD 120 gb (plus another for raid 0 boot )

Segate barracuda 4tb 7200 rpm (4, not hooked up yet, eventually raid 10)

Seasonic 750x 750watt

Cosair h100

The bios set the basic clock speed at 800mhz standard. The bios set the timings to 9-9-9-24 standard (new egg says 10-11-10-30) . I wanted to changed my speed to 1600mhz. When I tried to re open it after the update... CPU-z failed to open and there were some file errors on the desktop. I restarted and CPU-Z opened fine (no file errors) and my speed is at 1600mhz (dram speed) dram frequency 800mhz. 

I want to atleast get the speed to 1866 (the standard speed according to the packaging), what do I do next, timings, frequency, speed etc? I don't want to piss off this tempormental sonavabish named "beastie" anymore than I already have.

I'm a new comer when it comes to clocking/overclocking. Go slowly please; I've learned everything I know from the internet.


Thank you all