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Finishing Nuka World..... UUUUUUUUGGGH!


Alright. I’ve gotten back to playing FO4 and wanna finally finish the nightmare of a DLC that is Nuka World. I’ve secured all areas of Nuka World and I think I have a few more to go before I move onto the Commonwealth. But I don’t want to piss off Preston Garvey.

So for the good character playthroughs what’s the best solution? Just start Open Season once they want me to expand to the Commonwealth? I was really looking for a way to gain the raider perks and taking advantage of everything I can before proceeding. But it’s all giving me a headache and I kinda wanna just spare myself and start Open Season and murder everyone. It’s why I stayed away from this DLC for as long as I did. I DO however have an “evil” character that i’m really enjoying. So Nuka World will definitely play better with that character.

Anyone’s 2 cents is appreciated. Fucking RPGs, man…


There is a mod you can use instead:


I might just use this, thanks.

Why do Bethesda make such amazing games like Oblivion and then pull this kind of shit? I don’t get it… This is why I need to prepare myself mentally before playing RPGs. In case of annoying bullshit like this. I really don’t have the patience.


Fallout 4 had some mis steps. That said there is some good stuff in it like the companions are the best they have been. Hopefully the next rpg they make will be better. Wait and see.