[Finished] new years WAN party versus Linus Community (Everyone Invited!)

anyone interested in a New years WAN party versus the Linus Community? you could versus the Linustechtips community and see who wins. I personally don't have a server so maybe we could get the whole community involved and I'm pretty sure that there are people out there in this community who wouldn't mind sparing us a server for a night. I've posted this already in the linustechtips forum and we'll see what happens. If you are interested then please go to the linustechtips post I made and vote in the poll.



If you would like to register for this event then please fill in the following form. It's only 4 questions of which all are multiple choice so won't take longer then 1 minute


Also if you can spare the community a server then let me now either through PM or posting it in the comments.

Edit :

Sadly we aren't able to setup a Battlefield 3 servers as it requires us to rent a secondary server specifically for bf3 which would cost too much but by tomorrow everyone should have a update about what games will be running, on what server and at what time. (That's if you have filled in the form) but I can tell you all this.

Install the following games as we've already tested the servers for them and they are ready to be used tomorrow:

More updates coming today so stay tuned!


Gaming server:          eldgaith.com

Teamspeak server:    teamspeak.ltt-unofficial.com (Feel free to join now if you'd wish to discuss something)

Game times:

gmod:                       18:00 -19:00

tf2:                            19:00 -20:30

break:                       20:30 -21:00

minecraft:                 21:00 -22:30

battlefield 1942:       22:30 -00:00

Sounds like a cool idea.. do you mean LAN party, or WAN party :D over the internet?

WAN, I fixed it in the main topic found on the linustechtips site and should be fixed here now aswell.

What game/s were you thinking? I advise something free to play that everyone can get their hands on... like TF2

Oh this sounds fun!!

sounds like a great idea for all those virgins out there.

bring it on!!!

When is it going to take place?

I'm still organizing it and trying to find people who are willing to host the servers for this WAN party and also I don't have set games yet if you go to the main linustechtips forums you can already see some suggestions there and since my holiday has started I'm planning on spending my time on organizing it properly and getting some games prepared which everyone or most people would enjoy playing.

Hopefully it will be happening in new years around 6pm GMT+1 

natural selection 2 ? xD

List of games I've got in mind atm:

  • chivalry
  • CS
  • GMOD (Some build challenges)
  • TF2
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (Never played it but seems like a cool game)
  • League Of Legends (I'm not any good in it but I'll give it a shot ;) )

Please suggest any games you've got in mind and since in the linustechtips post we've got like 25 votes already it seems like that most people are happy with it.

sure, bring it !

regular chivalry or deadliest warrior as well?
also what will be the server locations and whatnot? will us people from europe be able to take part without staying up til 4 AM and playing with a ping of over 200?

I myself live in London and ofcourse! everyone is welcome to join and I still haven't been able to find a server yet I'm afraid but I'm hopping to find one with a pretty good ping for everyone, of course it won't be the same for everybody but I'm hopping that everyone at least has around 60 ping and also the time will be around 6pm GMT+1 so it'll hopefully at max be around 12am somewhere in west or 12pm somewhere in the east.

I have some server space available, just need fore warning on what needs hosting.

Battlefield 3 added to the list.

I have GMOD, TF2, Battlefield 1942, Red Alert 3 and don't play leauge of legends

Sadly I still haven't been able to find a server yet and 4 days to go, if you guys really want this to happen then please look around and ask friends whether they have servers to spare.

I said further up the page in a previous post, that I may have some server space available.

EDIT: I have a spare server sat on a 10Mbit/s up.